How to configure the MS Team Live Chat ?

🔸Once you installed the MS Teams you will be taken to the following form. Choose your WhatsApp application, notice that you have an auto-generated MS Team activation token, Make sure you copy it before moving to the next step.


🔸Click on “Save“ to move on to the next step. A popup will appear to notify you that integration has been created successfully.LFuVRXJs5ozkvWeAIHaxDfXYoDEJWBLD8c8-ONfQ-8rBMGtkYbs1Y79es8vUYaUyoFOU7KqPUZ_F95x61G1Oxb0LCt9TjZYsFdpaZRqTBZFVCnQBSEOxzL3AkzBV12wMZfF4YC7v.png

🔸 Once it is saved you can click on “Show” to see your integration details as follow:



🔸 To authenticate your application head to MS Team and install the “Unifonic Live Chat“ application from Apps.



🔸 Choose a channel then start the setup process as a bot.


🔸Your “Unifonic Live Chat“ installation part is complete now, in the chatbox area, send your MS Team activation token that you’ve copied before, in case you didn't, you can find it in the MS Team integration details.


🔸 Now your MS Team integration is authenticated


🔸 In this tab, you can see all the active (sessions) messages and their information, their status, to whom it's assigned, the time of the last reply, and a sort/filter to ease the search. Once you click on “Live Chat“ you will be redirected to a specific thread of the session.

Note that messages will be expired after 24 hours.



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