Setup notification for WhatsApp

To send notification messages through WhatsApp, following steps need to be performed:

1. Select or Create a WhatApp Application

Application can be created in Conversation Cloud and WhatsApp channel is configured for that application. If there is no already created application then user must create a new application. To create a new WhatsApp Application follow below instructions:

1.1. Go to Unifonic Conversation Cloud Applications and click on "Add New" Button.

1.2. Create a new application.

1.3. Enable WhatsApp Channel for that application by following the instructions mentioned there.

1.4. Once WhatsApp Channel is configured and activated by Unifonic support, setup a WhatsApp for Business message template and save the Template Namespace and Template Name.

2. Configure WhatsApp Credentials in Notice

2.1. Create credentials to save WhatsApp notification credentials in Notice as shown below:

2.2. Select Credential Type as "WhatsApp" and provide Select application created as a result of steps mentioned in Point 1, and provide WhatsApp Template Namespace and WhatsApp Template Name fields, as shown below:

2.3. Update Notice App to use the above created credentials as WhatsApp Credentials and setup its priority if any.

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