Unifonic Notice : Introduction

Notice is a Cloud-Based service that enables you to programmatically notify customers through push notification or SMS using REST APIs. The notice provides integrations for the following platforms:

  • iOS Push Notifications
  • Android Push Notifications
  • SMS Notifications
  • Whatsapp Notifications
  • Voice Notifications

This document describes how to setup up an app instance in Unifonic Notice and send push notifications through it. Please follow the below steps:

  1. Install Notice App from Marketplace
  2. Setup Notice Client App
  3. Create a Binding for sending Push Notification
  4. Send Push notification to a device

1. Setup Notice App Instance

Create a Notice App instance in the Unifonic Notice App configuration panel as shown in this image.

2. Setup Notice Client App

Client App is a mobile(Android/iOS) Or Notice Sms app. To setup up the Notice client app, please follow the below steps:

  • Create a Client App
  • Configure Push Notification in the Client app

Create a Client App

Client App is an Android or iOS mobile app or Unifonic Cloud app for SMS. Create new Client App/s if you already do not have one.

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