Unifonic Notice : Introduction

Notice is a Cloud-Based service that enables you to programmatically notify customers through SMS, WhatsApp, Voice, or push notification. The notice provides integrations for the following platforms:

  • SMS Notifications
  • Whatsapp Notifications
  • Voice Notifications
  • iOS Push Notifications
  • Android Push Notifications

This document describes how to setup up an app instance in Unifonic Notice and send push notifications through it. Please follow the below steps:

  1. Install Notice App from Marketplace


Click on install for Notice App:

Screen_Shot_2021-08-23_at_6.33.37_PM.png3. Goto Notice App:


Next Steps

1. Setup Notice App Instance

Create a Notice App instance in the Unifonic Notice App configuration panel as shown in this image.

2. Setup the channel credentials

3. Setup Notice Client App

3. Now you are ready to send Notification using Notice APIs


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