7. Sender Names Management

Menu path: Sender Names

Purpose: This module gives the admin user the ability to manage sender names by viewing & defining new sender names, set as default, and Activate/Inactivate sender names

Figure 7-1: Sender Names

The administrator may filter the display of all sender names added to the system by using the Filter function; on top of the left corner. As seen in (Figure 7-1), click the Filter function and pick the name of sender names you would like to display from the list. Click Enter to display and view the type of users you have just filtered.

Figure 7-2: Filtering the display of sender names

To start adding and defining new sender name, click New and you will get a new user page (Figure 7-3) where you can enter the required information (any field with *) for the sender name

Figure 7-3: New sender name/ Information

Enter the Sender Name this is a unique value that cannot be repeated, Pick Yes if you want to consider this sender name as your default Sender Name. Click Save & Close to complete the definition of the new sender name. To cancel the operation and go back to the default page, click Cancel.

Upon Saving the sender-defined sender name, then a request will be sent to Unifonic Support Team in order to review the request. Meanwhile, the sender name status will be “Processing”. The Unifonic support team will check if the requested sender name is meeting the acceptance criteria, and update the status of the sender name by “Accepted” or “Rejected”

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