2. Reports

The UNIFONIC COMMUNICATION CLOUD Report module, using a rich reporting system, enables the user to generate comprehensive reports that would assist him/her in acquiring information, in generous, about all sent messages, and give him/her summary information about the messages volume based on specific grouping criteria. The user may output the reports in the suitable format that appeals to his/her desire; displayed to the user in form of softcopy in form of Excel sheet.

2.1 Traffic Report

Menu path: Reports/ Traffic Report
Purpose: This report provides the user with full information of the sent messages along with the volume of those messages based on several business criteria.

Figure 2-1: Traffic Report Page
The Traffic Report (Figure 2-1). In order to refine the report's results to your desire, you can select the following criteria; Select the sender name, Messages Source, Messages Status, and Operator from the available pick lists. Enter the Message content, Recipient Number. Select the message's date From-To from the available calendar that will be activated once you click the Calendar icon
Click on Generate to view the report results that are categorized into two tabs; Summary and detailed. To clear the entry fields, click on Reset.

Figure 2-2: Traffic Report – Summary Results
You can group the report results based on Sender Name, Source, Status, Operator, or Country from the Group By pick list.

Figure 2-3: Traffic Report – Summary Results (Grouping By)
In addition, you can view the results as per specific timeline per Day, Week, Month, or Year from the View Per pick list

Figure 2-4: Traffic Report – Summary Results (View Per)
To view more details about the displayed report, click Export button which will download a Zipped file in order to view data about each message in an Excel file format.

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