1. Getting Started


Get ready to start! You must first log in to the application. To do so, type the URL cloud.unifonic.com in the address bar. You will get the login window (Figure 1-1). Enter the Username and Password assigned to you by the system administrator.

✍ Note: The user is either privileged to change the password or keep the one assigned to him according to the rules of the policy that is set from the Security system and defined and controlled by the system administrator.

Enter the User Name/email and Password. Press Enter from the keyboard or click the designated button as shown in the figure above.

An error message (Figure 1-2) will appear at the top right of the Login page if the username and/ or password were entered incorrectly. In such case you need to repeat the action of entering the proper username and password after you empty the entry fields.

Figure 1-2: Error Message
✍ Note: To avoid such problems while logging in, you need to pay attention to the following:

  1. Key the username and password properly as assigned to you by the administrator.
  2. Make sure your password is valid.
  3. Make sure that the account is active.

You can pass the logging page for future access to the system from the same workstation by clicking Keep me Logged In checkbox
In case you have forgotten the password then you can click Forget your Password? And enter your Email to send the instructions of Resting password (Figure 1-3)

Figure 1-3: Reset Password


UNIFONIC COMMUNICATION CLOUD is launched as a cloud web application from the Internet browser. Type-in www.cloud.unifonic.com or paste it in the address bar of your Internet browser. If you already have a shortcut of the system placed on your desktop, use it to run the system by double clicking the icon and follow the same steps to log in. You can add the URL of the system to your Internet browser favorites list in order to cut the way short and pick it from there every time you wish to log into the system. The first page that will be displayed for you after logging into the system is the Report Page, which is the main page.

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