This Manual

This user manual is intended to help you as a system user to better understand the using of the Unifonic COMMUNICATION CLOUD system, abbreviated to UNIFONIC COMMUNICATION CLOUD.
This software is developed by Unifonic and this UNIFONIC COMMUNICATION CLOUD User's Manual is a reserved copyright of Unifonic Inc.

This manual is targeted to the end user to guide him/her through a fully detailed explanation on how to set up the integration with other systems and tracking the communication traffic of the UNIFONIC COMMUNICATION CLOUD.

In this manual, the reporting and integration sections of the system are presented to you in a comfortable style that saves you time and effort to comprehend and fathom the usage pillars and main concepts and absorb the information smoothly and easily.

This manual is provided with stylish details, associated with actual UNIFONIC COMMUNICATION CLOUD screen images.

We assure you that you can now rest! This manual will eliminate concerns related to any operational discomforts that you may encounter while working with the UNIFONIC COMMUNICATION CLOUD.

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