4. Users Management

Menu path: Users
Purpose: This module gives the admin user the ability to manage users by defining new users, editing, deleting, and Activate/Inactivate users
In order to control the UNIFONIC COMMUNICATION CLOUD process; each user will have a username and a password to login to the system.

Figure 4-1: Users
The administrator may filter the display of all users added to the system by using the Filter function; on top of the left corner. As seen in (Figure 4-2), click the Filter function and pick the type of users you would like to display from the list. Click Enter to display and view the type of users you have just filtered.

Figure 4-2: Filtering the display of users
To start adding and defining new users, click New and you will get a new user page of seven tabs (Figure 4-3) where you can enter the required information (any field with *) for the user

Figure 7-4: New User/ Information
Enter the First Name, Last Name, Position, and Phone Number. Enter the Username, and Email this is a unique value that cannot be repeated, and then enter the Password. User login name and password are mandatory fields. Click Save & Close to complete the definition f the new user. To cancel the operation and go back to the default page, click Cancel.
You can Inactivate the user by clicking the username of the desired user from the user's list or by clicking the checkbox beside the desired users and click Edit, then click No under Active option (Figure 7-5)

Figure 7-5: User/ Inactive
You can edit or delete the user by clicking the checkbox beside the desired users and click Edit or Delete (Figure 7-6)
The administrator may edit, or delete a user by clicking the required user. A list of available functions, applicable to this user, will appear to you (Figure 7-6). Select the required option to proceed.

  • Edit User: will take you through the very same page of adding new users.
  • Delete User: will delete the user from the menu

Figure 7-5: User/ Edit or Delete

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