Add a channel

After successfully creating your application you’ll need to create the desired channel. In order to do so please follow the below steps:


From the side menu of Products, select Conversations to start setting up your application.



Select the Edit Icon for the application to start setting up your channel.

On the application page select the Channels tab. Then click Add New


After selecting Add New you’ll see the list of supported channels for you to select from, right now we support WhatsApp, Facebook messenger and SMS for fallback.




Configure WhatsApp as a channel


To configure WhatsApp as a channel you must follow the below steps:

Upon choosing to create a New Channel in the previous step. The New Channel page will load with three Channels, WhatsApp, SMS, and Messenger. Select the WhatsApp Icon then select Choose Channel.



Due to the high demand, unifonic has to review your submission and verify it before starting the process of setting up your WhatsApp for Business profile and connecting it to your conversations application. You can request the channel by filling your business information details in the following form as instructed in the setup screen and clicking the “Request a channel” button to submit your request.

Once your application is reviewed and verified by unifonic, you will receive an email with the next steps.


If you already requested a channel, you will see it under the channels list with a “Processing” status.



Once your application is reviewed by unifonic a request to set up your business profile is submitted to WhatsApp, upon approval and instance setup completion you will receive a confirmation email from us giving you your number’s certificate, now your channel status will become “Configuring”.



Once your WhatsApp for business profile is approved, we will start configuring your instance in our servers, the status of the channel will change to “Configuring” automatically once this step is started from our end. Once the configuration is completed, the status will automatically change to “Verification“.



The last step is to verify your number, make sure you have the following details handy:

  • Phone number: the number registered in your WhatsApp for Business Profile

  • Certificate: the certificate provided by us once your account is approved by WhatsApp, yo can ask us to provide it to you.

Click on the “Verify” button


Fill in the form with the above details along with your preferred verification method: Voice or SMS, this is how you will receive your setup verification code.

The pin is required only if this was enabled in your Facebook business manager.


Once you submit the form, you will receive a 6 digits code based on the verification method you selected while submitting (SMS or Voice). You will be redirected to the below form to enter the verification code, enter the code in the below screen and click the “Verify” button to activate your instance.


Now your channel is status is “Active” and you’re ready to send and receive messages over WhatsApp!


Manage your template messages

WhatsApp message templates are specific message formats that businesses use to send out notifications or customer care messages to people that have opted in to notifications. Messages can include appointment reminders, delivery information, issue resolution and payment updates.

Message templates are created in the WhatsApp Manager, which is part of your WhatsApp Account in the Facebook Business Manager. Your message templates will be reviewed to ensure they do not violate WhatsApp policies. Once approved, your business will have its own namespace where the message templates live.

Before you begin

·       Sign up for Business Manager.

·       Create a WhatsApp business account.

·       You will need a developer to implement the message templates into the API after completing the steps.

Sending your first message over WhatsApp

Request the send message API passing the appropriate parameters. in the documentation link you can find the various message types we support.


Please note that WhatsApp supports two types of messages:

·       Template message: pre-approved message that can be sent to any user even if they didn’t start a conversation.

·       Session message: a message that is sent after a user initiated a conversation

 Sending a message to a number that didn’t send any message before will not be delivered by WhatsApp unless it’s a template message.


Sending a template message

If you wish to send a number that didn’t message you, you should start with a template message, a sample template message called “verify” is added for testing, this is a sample one-time password template, you can use the following request:



Sending a conversation message

If you wish to send a session message to reply to a customer, you can use the following request:





Once you select your page and save your Messenger channel is created successfully and you’re ready now to send and receive messages over messenger.

Sending your first message over Messenger


Facebook messenger allows you to exchange messages with customers who messaged you already, you will need a customer’s psid to be able to message him back, since unifonic is providing a single API for all conversation channels you’ll use the same endpoint and only change the request parameters for the channel and identifier like the following example:






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