Setup and Configure an Application

Create Application

To create an application, go to the upper left corner of your Dashboard and select the Products icon.


From the side menu, navigate to Conversations to start setting up your application.

On the Conversations page select Add New
Name your application then select Add Application
Your application has been created successfully

Activate/ Deactivate Application


You can activate/deactivate your applications using one of the following methods:

The first method is to do it from the applications listing page Select Application from the left sidebar

From your applications list, check the box next to the application you want to deactivate (This option allows you to perform the action on one or more applications at the same time) then select the arrow down next to the status.




The second method is to do it from the application details page itself.


Select the Edit Icon from the far-right side from the applications listing page.


In your selected application page, toggle the Active button to Inactive. You can use the same method to reactivate your application.





Remove Application

To remove an application go to your applications list, select one or more applications, and click remove:



You will get a confirmation box to confirm your action, as this action is unreversable.



Once clicked, the application will be deleted, and a confirmation message will be displayed. Note that deleted application data will still appear in reports.


Rename Application


Go the application details page, click on the “Application Name” box, type the new name and click “Save”





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