Sending your First WhatsApp Message

Sending a conversation message


A conversation is usually started by the customer, where customer messages your number first, a conversation lasts for a duration of 24 Hours. To send and receive conversation messages follow these steps:

  1. Add a new test number using the instructions in “

Add a testing account” section

  1. Go to your phone and send any whatsapp message from the number you added as a tester to the following number +966920002687, the message can be “Hi” or anything you choose.

  1. Request the send message API passing the appropriate parameters, in the documentation link you can find the various message types we support

  1. If you wish to receive the messages from sandbox to your system you can send us your desired webhook URL to configure it in your sandbox account, please read more about webhooks in our documentation guide.


Sending a WhatsApp template message

A Template message is a pre-approved message that can be sent to any user even if they didn’t start a conversation with you.


We have a predefined testing template message called “verify” added for testing, this is a sample one time password template,  you can use the following request  to try to send it to any number:



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