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Slack is one of the widely used team engagement platforms, if your support team is already on it, you can integrate channels within, where whenever a customer messages you over a channel you receive the message on Slack and your agents can respond directly from slack to the customer’s channel.

To configure Slack for Support, you must log into your account. After logging in select Slack for Support from the sidebar menu to start the configuration process.


You’ll get the Slack for Support Configuration page; with the steps you need to follow in order to configure your Slack.



Step 1: Setup a slack application


In order to configure you’re your slack for support you need to first to set up your Slack app, click the Read here option.




Step 2: Configure your “Slack for Support” Integration


Once you created your slack application and generated your token you’re ready to configure slack integration on unifonic platform, go to step 2 on the same configuration page and fill your setup details:




 Now select how you want your integration to work with Slack:

  • Channel: Forwards messages to a specific Slack channel that you select

  • Group: Depends on a Slack group of users, where whenever a new message is incoming a new channel will be created with this user group invited to the channel

Once you select an option, the list of relevant selections will be retrieved from Slack for you to select from.


Step 3: Configure Slack webhook


In order to be able to forward messages from slack to the user channel you will need to copy the webhook URL generated for you once you save your settings and paste it in slack.



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