Getting Started

unifonic’s conversational API lets you engage with your customers by sending and receiving messages over new channels such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and more.

Channels are available through unifonic’s conversations application, you can set up multiple applications and choose from a list of verified channels to enable them in a matter of a click. Once installed, they allow you to send and receive messages with other communications platforms using the unifonic API.


Terms of Service

Channels are provided and supported by Channel providers in the unifonic platform. As a part of the Channel installation process, you will be required to accept the Channel provider’s Terms of Service. Note that the Channel is provided under the Partner’s Terms of Service & Privacy policy.


Access unifonic Platform

To start with conversations you have to login to your unifonic account, go to and you’ll find the below login screen. Use your username and password provided by unifonic to login.





After logging in to your account you’ll be automatically taken to the main Dashboard page. This the section allows you to manage your account general settings.


If you don’t have an account already request one by filling our “Request Free demo” form.

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