New Feature - Control the frequency of messages sent your customers

Unifonic Client can control the frequency of messages sent to contacts so as to control spamming contacts with to so many messages.

From the Account Setting in the you can set the frequency in days to send message from same account to any contact:

A new setting section will be found User resend message duration. In below figure, client's contact can receive message only after 2 days of interval since last message from the client.


A new feature named "Exclude Contacts" is added, the client can select that the customer that receives the current campaign to not receive messages from the campaigns module for a specific period of time-based on the same account

- A flag is added as follow: Exclude clients that received messages from my campaigns in the last X of Y

- X and Y above are configurable by the client,  The period can be in the Last (x Days, x weeks, - maximum of 8 weeks subject to availability, always including the current day)

- This does not apply to msgs send from API, Email2SMS or SMPP

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