FlashU SMS Offering


Sending of highly important SMS messages and time-critical communications is getting more convenient with each passing day. With Unifonic which provides FlashU SMS offering, you don't have to worry if your clients have enough storage space on their mobile phones, or if the information you’re sending them gets stolen along with their phone.

FlashU SMS is a type of SMS messages that, instead of being stored in the SIM or memory of the receiving phone, pops-up on the receiving phone’s screen, without the user taking any action and the sender ID is not shown. When dismissed the message is usually gone, and the messages are not automatically stored in the inbox.

Messages have their own classification, while the regular SMS is classified as Class I message, flash SMS is classified as Class 0 message, which classifies them as most important message. It helps you to avoid the messages inbox clutter and make your messages stand out from competition by appearing directly on the main screen.

Unifonic has a very attractive pricing for the service set at 5.5 Halala per SMS to All operators, and regardless of the Bundle amount.

However, the product is only available for Saudi Client for Now. And it is direct to phone that drives instant impressions.

While it is important to know that:

  • FlashU message execution will be through the Support Team.
  • Flash SMS feature is automatically activated on mobile phone.

Click here to see FlashU SMS Flyer.



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