Unifonic Platform Update to Accommodate the New Regulations


Unifonic Platform Update to Accommodate the

New CITC Regulations


There is new CITC regulation to manage SMS marketing campaigns forced companies, including your's, to add the letters "AD" at the end of the sender ID used for sending the marketing campaigns.


To assure smooth compliance to the new regulations, we have added some changes to the way we manage sender IDs so that we will help you in executing marketing campaigns without service interruption.


To accommodate the change, Unifonic platform will be adding the letters "AD" at the end of each sender ID in campaigns targeting Saudi clients that do not comply with the new regulation according to the following specifications:

  • If the sender is equal or less than 8 letters long, the letters "AD" will be added automatically to the end of the sender.
  • If the sender is more than 8 letters long, All letters after the 8th letter will be replaced automatically with the letters  "AD".
  • Messages sent using a numeric sender will be rejected.
  • Marketing messages will be paused at 10 PM Saudi time and will resume automatically again at 7 AM.  

If you believe that this change will impact your campaigns, you may login to your account and request new senders, or simply contact our support team atsupport@unifonic.com and request new senders.


Summary of the new regulations are listed below:

  • Marketing messages should include the letter "AD" at the end of the used sender ID.
  • Numeric sender IDs are not allowed.
  • Don't work with unlicensed resellers.
  • There will be no changes on the sender IDs used for sending  OTP, notifications or alerting messages.
  • It is allowed to send marketing campaigns between 7 AM to 10 PM only. 


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