SMPP DLR Status Codes

When connecting to Unifonic through an SMPP client, we provide you with standard DLR Codes on DLR enabled connections as follow:

Status NumberStatusExplanation
0 SCHEDULED The message is scheduled for later sending.
1 ENROUTE The message is enroute.
2 DELIVERED The message was successfully delivered.
3 EXPIRED The SMSC was unable to deliver the message in a specified amount of time.For instance when the phone was turned off.
4 DELETED The message was deleted.
5 UNDELIVERABLE The SMS was unable to deliver the message.For instance, when the number does not exist.
6 ACCEPTED The SMS was accepted and will be send.
7 UNKNOWN Unknown error occured.
8 REJECTED The message was rejected.The provider could have blocked phonenumbers in this range.
9 SKIPPED The message was skipped
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