Inbound calls

Getting Started

In order to start receiving your inbound calls, you need to enable the Interactive communication feature on your account. Afterwards get a voice enabled long number to start receiving your inbound calls.

Configure your voice number

After purchasing your voice number, go to Account Usage and check your Numbers panel. Click on your voice enabled number to set up your number configurations

  1. Set up your answering machine audio by uploading your call welcome audio file. File extension should be .MP3
  2. Forward Call to a phone number. Enter a phone number to forward a call to, please check calls supported destinations.


Incoming Calls

Start collecting your incoming voice calls through Rest API. Retrieve your calls  to get the below details


Total number of incoming calls


A unique ID to identify a call


Call Status possible values are Answered, Forwarded


 Call received from


Keypad response entered by the caller


Date call received

Call duration

duration of received call


Cost of the inbound call


Your account currency code


Transfer Calls

Transfer incoming calls to a number based on the caller keypad response. Set a call flow and interact with your call keypad responses to transfer a call to another destination number through Unifonic CallFlow API by specifying the call direction (Inbound or Outbound call), the conditional keypad response to trigger the transfer and the final destination number.



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