What has changed in Unifonic?

Are there any differences between resalty.net and unifonic.com?

The main objective of resalty.net and unifonic.com is to provide our clients with the messaging service. This service is still available in the new platform with the availability of new services that will help you even more to communicate with your customers. The difference between resalty.net and unifonic.com is the adjustments that have been done to provide our clients with the best and easiest interface to be used, and amendments to show you the best information to your done activities.


Send Message

Send from file: You can send use Excel Plug-in which you can send specialized messages to send to your customers directly from Microsoft Excel with no need to upload the sheet to the portal.

Send to group: You can send messages to a group you already added to Audience page. Plus you can send a message to a contact saved in one of the groups added.

To know more please check Messages FAQs and article.



In the audience page you can’t contacts without creating a group first. The contacts should be added to a group. The audience module has been built so that it cannot allow the existence of more than one record for the same number; in which you need to tag the name of the group in order to the contact under it.

To know more check the Audience article.



It is well known in resalty.net that the use of balance is in points, and the points will be deducted on the number of sent messages and length.

The new platform has been built so the balance is as a currency credit to be purchased from the Store page to be added to the account.

What is the benefit of using the balance as a price? Using the balance as a credit will allow you to send messages to different countries without creating an account to send to a particular country, in addition to the possibility of knowing the unit price that has been deducted for each message you sent. Having the balance as a credit will allow you to use the other services provided in the platform, such as voice calls, number checks, and many other services.

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