Unifonic Introduces New Platform- Stable, Faster and Flexible with 99.97% up time

With a mission to empower you to communicate digitally and because we constantly pursue to deliver the best, we would like to introduce the new Unifonic Cloud Communication Platform.

Built with user experience in mind, we have created a beautiful and functional web interface, so you can easily create campaigns, connect your apps, top up balance, view reports, get notifications and clear account balances and much more. We are confident that you are going to enjoy using our new platform and it will change the way you communicate!

Why upgrade?

Unifonic new platform is more stable, faster and flexible. Supported with heavy duty servers, the up time is 99.97%. It is much easier to set up and equipped with tons of new features you have always wished for!

What's new:

  • text message campaign: Send message and check out box
  • Make voice call
  • Advanced reporting and analytics: sent messages logs and DLR receipts.
  • Developer's tools: SMPP and Restfull API's, email to SMS and SDK's libraries.
  • Custom Branding & Subaccounts: Subaccounts privileges and management.
  • Balance and Pre-paid packages
  • Interactive messaging and keywords management: send and receive text messages, automate your replies based on keywords.
  • Billing Info & Statements: Clear account balances, monthly invoices and low balance reminders.
  • Two-factor authentication: verify users’ phone numbers during sign-ups or secured logins.
  • Number Checker: Know which numbers are active and eliminate the inactive ones.
  • Account settings

Plans & Pricing

To benefit from the various new features we have added, we have also introduced account balance in addition to the points system we had previously. With account balance you are not restricted to only send text messages, you can make phone calls, validate your database, active two factor authentication and much more!


We have created REST API and SDK's libraries to help you connect your application. Check API Doc to see how you can write and test your applications.

However if you are not ready to change your code, we have developed an approach to API migration. Simply we will replace the original API by a wrapper-based re-implementation that makes reuse of Resalt.Net API. You can leave your application code untouched and the wrappers can be reused across applications.

 All you need to do is to change the base URL, and replace the account parameters needed to authenticate your request with your migrated account information. For more details, check developers migration help guide                   

From now on you will be required to use your email address to login. Your email will be verified by our system and therefore may only be used for one account. Please make sure your email address is not currently associated with multiple accounts before migrating.

Once you migrated to your new account, you will be able to use the new platform immediately! If you encounter any issues or would like to provide feedback you can do so by contacting support at support@unifonic.com.

Have fun!

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