Can I send automatic replies to my incoming messages?

      1. Click on "Manage"
      2. Click on “ Add keyword “ button
      3. Select the number to relate the keyword with.
      4. Select the folder to show the message in. By default all your incoming messages will be shown in your "Default" folder
      5. Select message keyword rule as below, following rules are available for dedicated numbers, while only the "Is" rule is           available for the shared number.
        • Is: The whole received text massage is the same as the keyword.
        • Starts with : The received text massage begins with the keyword
        • Contains: The received text massage contains the keyword anywhere of the text body.
        • Any : means that you want to perform an action for all text massages
      6. Add keyword text.
      7. Create action: Set the action as send response to set an auto reply to be sent back to the user (ex: You have been successfully registered ) Note: you can set any Sender ID for your response action
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