I have recipients' numbers file without the country code, can you handle this issue and add a country code?

No! Numbers in the uploaded file should contain the country code. But if you are using Excel you can add the country code to your numbers as in the following steps:

First Way:
1. Open the excel sheet.
2. Add column to the left of the numbers column.
3. Write down the country code in the first cell, then copy and paste the country code in all the cells.
4. Add a new column to the right of the numbers column.
5. In the first cell of the new column, add the following formula =clomunNumber&clomunNumber. Ex: =A2&B2
6. Drag and drop the formula to all cells.

Second Way:
1. Select the numbers column.
2. Right click and select Format Cells.
3. Select the number category to be Custom.
4. In the type field write down the next, countrycode######## and then clicks save.
5. The country code will be added to the numbers.

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