Can I share units from my pre-paid package with one sub account?

Parent account can share package units with sub accounts; sharing settings is "Only Me" by default meaning that only the parent account can use it. Public package means that all accounts can use the same package with no units' limitation and the custom share allows the parent to share a defined number of units with specific sub accounts.

 To share a package; we have two options to share the units with your subaccounts:

Fist Option:

  1. After you create the account, click on the account name.
  2. Scroll down to the Balance section.
  3. Select the package you want to share units from.
  4. Select the action to Share, and add the number of units to share.
  5. Click Save. The added amount will be shown in the Packages table below.

Second Option

  1. Go to Account Usage, and click the sharing icon for the package.
  2. Define the sub account by writing down the sub account name.
  3. Define number of units to share.
  4. Click on share.

The parent account can use the shared units with the subaccount; the parent account can remove the remaining units from subaccount any time.


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