Can I manage my sub accounts permissions and privileges?

The parent can determine the privileges to grant to the subaccounts to access. A subaccount has access to messaging and Voice campaign by default.

To manage your sub accounts privileges, check the action you want to permit your sub account to use when you create or edit a sub account.

  • Add Sender ID's: Allows the sub account to add a new Sender ID, the sub account default Sender ID is the registered mobile number.
  • API Apps: Allows the sub account to create or edit an API application.
  • Manage Audience: Allows the sub account to add new groups and contacts.
  • Interactive Messages: Allows the sub account to check incoming messages, manage keywords and reply rules.
  • Billing & Payments: Allows the sub account to access the parent account billing information such as payments history and monthly invoices, in addition to access the store to upgrade plan, add balance or add an extra add-on on behalf of the parent account.


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