Can I create sub accounts for different users or departments under my main account?  

Yes! From your parent account, you can customize sub accounts and manage accounts permissions.

To create a sub account, you will first need to enable the feature on your account.

Once you have enabled the Sub-Account feature, you will be able to manage your child accounts; you can add unlimited number of subaccounts with no limitation.

To create a new sub account, go to Add Account and fill in the subaccount fields such as email and mobile number, in addition to specify the subaccount balance as below

  • Share Balance: this means that your balance will be shared with your subaccount, and sending will be deducted from your balance.
  • Transfer Balance: this means that you can transfer specific amount from your balance to your subaccount, you can also transfer balance back from the subaccount to your balance.

The created subaccount will receive the activation email and the authentication SMS code to the registered mobile number and the email address of the subaccount.


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