Interactive Communication – 2Way SMS

Interactive communication allows you to create inbound campaigns or allows your audience to reply to your messages.

Getting Started

In order to start your interactive communication, you need to enable the feature on your account. Afterwards you can define a keyword on a free shared number to receive messages matching your keywords, or you can get a dedicated short or long number. A dedicated number belongs to only one account and your audience can send or reply any message directly to your number.


Your inbox will show you your active shared or dedicated numbers along with all received messages. Within your inbox screen you can select your interactive number, manage your folders, keywords and reply rules.


To create a new folder click create folder, add folder name then click on save.

Keywords Management

You can create keywords to manage your incoming messages and reply rules. If you are using a shared number, you must create a keyword for your incoming message, you can create up to five free keywords. If you have a dedicated numbers you can receive any text message to your number without creating keywords, but you can use keywords to manage your inbound campaigns or perform special actions upon receiving a message.   

By creating keywords, you can manage auto replies and actions can be triggered when a new message containing the keyword is received   

  • Auto Reply: An automatic reply can be fired once a message containing a special keyword is received
  • Web hook: Messages can be pushed to a URL on your server

To add new keyword:

  1. Click on "Manage"
  2. Click on “ Add keyword “ button
  3. Select the number to relate the keyword with.
  4. Select the folder to show the message in. By default all your incoming messages will be shown in your "Default" folder
  5. Select message keyword rule as below
  • Is: The whole received text message is the same as the keyword.
  • Starts with : The received text message begins with the keyword
  • Contains: The received text message contains the keyword anywhere of the text body.
  • Any : means that you want to perform an action for all text massages
  • Is Arabic: The received message language is Arabic.
  • Is English: The received message language is English.

Above rules are available for dedicated numbers, while only the "Is" rule is available for the shared number.  

  1. Add keyword text.


  1. Create action: Set the action to be triggered once a message related to the created keyword is received
  • Send response : Set an auto reply to send back to the user (ex:You have been successfully registered )

Note: you can set any Sender ID for your response action

  • Webhook : A "user-defined HTTP callbacks" can be triggered when an event occurs, the web interface makes an HTTP request to the URI configured for the webhook , This can be configured as below :
  • URL: Defines the source that you want to make the callback to for example “”
  • Parameters :Set the parameters that the source takes for example then your parameters that you have to set are q and oq
  • Request Type :Defines the http callback methods , it can be either [Post: Requests data from a specified resource] or [Get: Submits data to be processed to a specified resource]
  • Resource Number: Enter your purchase number for example 70001




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