About Unifonic Cloud Communication

Unifonic empowers organizations of all sizes to communicate with their customers through mobile messaging, mobile applications, social media and digital channels. Since 2006 and through 9 offices, Unifonic has proudly enabled clients from different industries in 20 countries to grow their business and have a meaningful communication with their audience.

We deliver one of the best mobile messaging solutions that have served many clients around the world, government, medium and small business customers and applications.

With a mission to empower you to communicate digitally and because we constantly pursue to deliver the best, we would like to introduce Unifonic Cloud Communication.

Built with user experience in mind, we have created a beautiful and functional web interface, so you can easily create campaigns, connect your apps, top up balance, view reports, get notifications and clear account balances and much more. We are confident that you are going to enjoy using our cloud communication and it will change the way you communicate!

Unifonic Modules 

Unifonic platform is stable, fast and flexible. Supported by heavy-duty servers, the uptime is 99.97%. It is very easy to set up and equipped with tons of features you have always wished for!

  • Text message campaign: Send web to text messages campaign, and monitor your created messages. Resend, pause or resume campaign sending from your outbox.
  • Make a voice call: upload your audio file to make a voice call, or enter your text message to make a text to speech call.
  • Advanced reporting and analytics: Dashboard quick summary stats for the most important metrics. You can check the messages report to see detailed states for the delivery reports, total cost, and subaccounts engagement. All are shown in easy-to-read graphs and tables where you can break down to extra levels or export messages log if required.
  • Interactive messaging and keywords management: Create inbound campaigns or allow your audience to reply to your messages to a dedicated number. Automate your replies based on created keywords.
  • API's and Developer's tools: SMPP and Restful API's, email to SMS and SDK's libraries.
  • Sub Accounts and Permissions Control: Manage your subaccounts usage. Custom your audience, balance, packages and sender ID's sharing settings and control subaccounts permissions.
  • White labeling: custom brand site look and feel, change your domain URL and brand logo.
  • Balance and Extra Add-ons: Top-up your account and unlock advanced features such as DLR, Subaccount and more. With account balance you are not restricted to only sending text messages, you can make phone calls, validate your database, active two-factor authentication and much more!
  • Billing Info & Statements: Clear account balances, monthly invoices, and low balance reminders. Set a low balance threshold reminder so you know that your balance is about to end and need to be charged.
  • Two-factor authentication: verify users’ phone numbers during sign-ups or secured logins.
  • Number Checker: Know which numbers are active and eliminate the inactive ones.
  • Account settings: Set your account preferences such as time zone, currency settings and text messages sender ID's
  • Audience management: Manage your contacts in groups, import contacts. send message to a contact or a group
  • Notifications: get notified of activities once they occur. Get notified when your contacts file been uploaded, your campaign got sent or when your sender ID is approved.


Create your account and start communicating with your audience.


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