Make Your First Voice Call

Communicate with your targeted audience through voice calls. Unifonic provides various methods for making voice calls as:

  1. Web interface: Call your end users handsets and create voice calls campaigns directly from the web.
  2. API's and SDK's: Connect your REST API and connect your application. Check API Doc to see how you can write and test your applications.

Make a call from web interface

In this article we will take you through sending voice calls to your recipients from Unifonic web interface.

Login to your Unifonic account, and navigate to Make Call screen under Voice in the main menu.

Step 1: Define your recipients. Your recipient can be mobile numbers, your created audience (contact or group name), or uploading numbers file.

  1. Numbers: To send to many mobile numbers enter mobile numbers separated by commas, you can add up to 100 numbers.
  2. Audience: Start typing your contact or group name already created in your Audience
  3. File: Import numbers from a file. File extension should be .xls, .xlsx, .CSV or .txt. For an Excel file it should contain one column only of recipients' numbers, with no header and the maximum number of rows is 50,000. A contact number must be in international format, example (4452023498).

Step 2: Add voice call content

  • Upload audio file, upload only one audio file per voice call with maximum size 2 mbs . Allowed file types are .WAV AND .MP3
  • Text to speech call, convert text into speech. Text to Speech calls supports English and Arabic languages.
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