Build your Audience

Building your audience will make sending text messages from the web interface much easier and quicker. 

Add Group

The first step in managing your audience is to create a group. Click the "Add Group" button and fill your group name then click save.

Add Contacts

After adding your group you can start adding your contacts. We provide you with two options to add contacts to your group:

Option One: Add one by one contact

To add a contact into a group, click on the group name and the group screen will be opened. Click on “Add Contact” button to open the contact form.

 The contact form will include the following fields:

  1. First Name: This field is optional in which you can add the contact’s first name.
  2. Last Name: This field is optional in which you can add the contact’s last name.
  3. Mobile Number: This field is required. You can add up to three different mobile numbers to the same contact. The default number will be the first added number and will be considered when you send a message to this contact, but you can change it any time. A mobile number is unique and can't be related to more than one contact.
  4. E-mail: This field is optional and you can add up to three different email addresses to the same contact. You can choose which email address to be the default one.
  5. Gender: This field is optional. You can choose your contact’s gender from a drop down list.
  6. Birth date: this field is optional. You can add the date of birth of your contact.
  7. Group(s): This field is required. By default the group you selected will be tagged. You can tag more than one group to link the contact to by selecting group names.

Option Two: Import contacts file:

After adding your group, click on the import icon. The import form will be opened, follow the below steps to import your contacts’ file.

  1. Click on choose file to upload your excel file that contains your contacts numbers. The file extension should only be .xlsx with maximum 10,000 numbers.Columns order and headers should be exactly as the sample sheet. Download sample sheet


  1. Select the group you want to import the contacts to then click on "Upload".
  2. Importing the contacts may take few minutes to be uploaded. An In-Progress dialog will appear to show you the uploading process and once the uploading is done, you will be notified with the total number of uploaded, excluded, duplicated and existed contacts.

Send Message to Group or Contact

To send a message to a contact or a group select the needed group or contact then click on the settings icon on the top of the table and choose "Send Message". The Send SMS page will be opened and the selected contacts or groups will be added in the recipients’ field.



You can export your audience details by selecting your group(s) or contact(s) and from the settings icon select Export. The contact’s default mobile number and email will be exported. If the exported data is more than 10,000 records the exported sheet will be sent to your account email.


You can filter your group contacts using the following filters:

  • Country / Network: Filter group contacts by the country and network based on their saved mobile numbers.
  • Group: The selected group contacts will be displayed; you can change group or select "All Groups" to view all contacts in all groups.


You can search your audience by a mobile number. 


  • To delete a group: Select the group that you want to delete, and from the settings icon choose delete. Contacts that are linked with other groups will not be deleted.
  • To delete a contact: Select the contact you want to delete and from the settings icon choose delete. Contact will be deleted from all groups.







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