Can I send personalized text messages in one shot so that every recipient will receive a custom message?

You can personalize your messages to send customers specific information. We provide you with two methods to send custom messages campaign

  • Send Message page

Enables you to apply your audience data created in your groups. To send personalized message from the web interface follow these steps:

  1. Create a group and fill your contacts
  2. Go to send message; select the group name you want to send the message to.
  3. Write down the message body and add the personalized fields from "Get personal "tags

Example: If you wish to send a personalized message to 50 people; you can personalize your message by adding a one of the available personalized fields so the message will include the personal information for each individual contact.

  • File to SMS

Through File to SMS page you can send different message to each recipient number from different sender IDs.

How to use it?

- Upload excel file that contains three columns. The first one is the Sender ID, the second is the recipient's number, and the third is the message body (in that order). You can download the sample file from the file to SMS page.

- If you wishes to use the same sender ID to all messages; select the sender ID from the drop down list, then upload the excel file in which will contains the recipients and the message body for each message.

  • Excel Plug-in

Excel plug-in allows you to send general or personalized text messages directly from Microsoft EXCEL without the need to upload your contacts and send messages from the web. To check how to install and use it check Excel Plug-in help guide


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