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Checking your numbers will help to validate if the mobile number is reachable or not, this way you will never reach out to numbers who can't communicate. Save time and cost by calling or sending messages to active numbers only and ensure your message will be delivered to real people.

Number Checker validates if the number is reachable or not according to our delivery history. You will not be charged for unknown results due to no available history or wrong number formats.  

Getting Started

Number checker is available through our web interface and REST API, decide which method you would like to use to check your numbers.

Number checker through the web interface

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Go to Number Insight under the audience group
  3. In the number checker screen, you will be able to check number reachability, or up to 10,000 numbers by uploading a file. Enter the mobile number or upload a file and click the “check” button, after processing is done the result will be displayed to you.


If you have uploaded a file, you will get the result in a .csv file; download the file to check the numbers status.





Number Checker through REST API

Send a request via REST APIs includes a recipient mobile number; our REST API will automatically check the reachability of the number

Check REST API Documentation for more details.



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