Is it possible to send my messages from a special name? What is a Sender ID?

Your sender ID is your registered mobile number by default, but you can change your Sender ID any time. Go to Messaging Preferences and add the Sender ID you want; the requested Sender ID will be subject to approval and will be approved within 24 hours if applies to network sender's ID rules. You will receive a system notification when your Sender ID is approved or rejected. 

A Sender ID might be rejected for one of the following reasons:
1. If the Sender ID is reserved for a particular client.
2. If the Sender ID is incompatible with the operators rules and validation.
3. If the Sender ID contains inappropriate word.

How to change the Sender ID:
1. In the Send Message screen, select an approved Sender ID to send from. check Messaging Preferences to add a new Sender ID or change your default.  
2. In the API Apps settings screen, you can set a default Sender ID to send the messages from; if not set you can add any approved sender ID when you send a message through our APIs methods. Check API Document to now more.

Based on international messaging standards, Alphabetical Sender ID should not exceed 11 characters whereas Numeric IDs can not exceed 16 numbers, only English letters allowed with no special characters.

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