Developers migration help guide

We have created REST API and SDK's libraries to help you connect your application. Check API Doc to see how you can write and test your applications.

However if you are not ready to change your code, we have developed an approach to API migration. Simply we will replace the original API by a wrapper-based re-implementation that makes reuse of Resalt.Net API. You can leave your application code untouched and the wrappers can be reused across applications.

 All you need to do is to change the base URL, and replace the account parameters needed to authenticate your request with your migrated account information.

HTTP Wrapper

  • HTTP Wrapper Base URL :
  • userid: This is the registered email of your account.
  • password: The current password you already have in Resalty.Net

Example: Send SMS Command
Resalty.Net API request : -8

Wrapper API request:

SOAP Wrapper

Kindly note that the SOAP Wrapper supports only the send single message request.

Balance Inquiry

The wrapper API doesn’t offer the Query balance command, in order to check your balance consider the following:

  1. Check Balance through the Unifonic communication platform :
  2. Check balance using REST API method “GetBalance“, check API Doc for more details.

For more information please check HTTP API document, SAOP


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