How can I check a status of a message I sent, do you provide send or delivery status?

You can check the status of your sent messages in Reports screen. The messaging statuses provided are as follow:

Queued Means that the message is currently being processed for sending
Rejected Means that the message is rejected from platform for one of the following reasons: wrong number format, unsupported destination, inappropriate content in message body, sender ID is blocked on the required destinations, message body exceeded limit or you don't have enough balance in your wallet or enough units in your pre-paid package or your package destination doesn’t include the required destination. Rejection reason would be shown when you send a message and you will never be charged for a rejected message.
Sent Means that the message has been successfully sent to the networks, and the network will process the message to be sent to recipients handsets


Means that the messages were failed to be sent by Unifonic Software. You will never be charged for a failed message


Delivery Status (DLR) can be enabled on you account by contacting our support team. DLR status is received from mobile networks as below:

Sent Means that the network sent your message successfully to recipient.
Enroute Means that the message still pending to be sent to the recipient by the network.

Means that the message was delivered successfully to the recipient.

Expired Means that the message was sent several times with no delivery and the sending process time was expired.
Deleted Means that the message was deleted by the network.

Means that the network was unable to send the message to the recipient. This happens when the network encounters:

  • Inactive or unidentified or untraceable destination mobile number
  • Mobile handset memory or inbox full
  • Not enabled to receive a text message
  • Message is duplicated
Accepted Means that the message was accepted by the network to be sent.
Unknown Means that the status is unknown by the network.
Rejected Means that the message was rejected by the network.

Please consider these general notes regard your messages statuses

  • Message status "Queued" is only temporary status. They eventually would move to "Sent", "Delivered", "Expired", or "Undelivered" depending if the DLR feature is activated on your account or not.
  • You are charged for all message statuses except for "Rejected" and "Failed". The reason being that the infrastructure is taken up for trying to deliver your text messages.
  • To ensure your text messages being "Sent", Unifonic uses multiple Networks and Gateways to deliver messages but it could always happen that a certain network could get blocked without prior notice. In such cases we will immediately work on routing to other network.
  • To avoid your text messages being "Rejected" by Unifonic, please make sure of the following:
    • You entered your destination in the correct format.
    • You are sending to a supported destination
    • You message body doesn’t include any inappropriate content
    • Your sender ID is not blocked on the required destinations
    • Your message body doesn’t exceeded limit. Maximum message limit
    • You have enough balance in your wallet or enough units in your pre-paid package or your package destination include the required destination.
  • Not all destinations support delivery receipts while. Please refer to our Daily Delivery Ratio for more details.
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