Instant Messages with a Guaranteed SLA -

Instant Messages help you reach your audience within seconds. Instant Message will be useful in case of emergencies or notification messages such as One Time Passwords.

Key features

  • Fast routing: Priority sending for instant messages over other messages
  • SLAs: Strict adherence to Service Level Agreements (SLA), 
  • REST API, SMPP: Easy-to-use API's to start sending instant messages.

How to Send Instant Message?

To start sending Instant Message, do the following

  • Go to Dev. Tools and create your App. 
  • In the edit App page you can find a check box labeled “Instant Message”; when checked all your app messages will be sent with high priority.
  • Alternatively, you can specify a unique message to be Instant in your REST APP by adding the parameter “Priority: High” in the Send API to mark the message as high priority. See Docs for more details 


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