Personalized Messages - Excel Plug-in

Unifonic Excel plug-in allows you to send personalized text messages directly from Microsoft EXCEL without the need to upload your contacts and send messages from the web 

How to Install Excel Plug-in?

To install Excel Plugin, go to Plug-Ins screen and click on Download Setup.

How to use Excel Plug-in?

    1. After successfully installing the Excel plug-in, a menu and command bar will be added to Microsoft EXCEL.
    2. Click on Unifonic icon to open the plugin.
    3. Enter your Unifonic account username and password.
    4. A Send SMS window will pop up containing the below:

A - Sender ID: A drop down list with all your approved Sender IDs, where you can select the Sender ID to send the message from.

B - Balance: Your current account balance. To add balance click on “Add Balance” to be directed to store page so you can add credit.

C - Recipients: A drop down list showing your sheet columns, select the column that contains the numbers you want to send messages to. Check “Has a header, if your sheet contains a header.

D - Message Body: Type the message you need in this area to be sent to the recipients numbers.

      • Select Template: you can select one of your already saved templates to be sent. You can edit the template name and message, delete template, or add new template
      • Save as Template: You can save a message that you have typed on the message body or type it in the save template dialog box.

E - Personalize your message: Make your messages personalized by adding variable entry to your message. You can add any data that you already had added in the sheet.

F - Remove Duplicate: You can check the selected recipient’s column for duplicate and remove them.

G - Schedule this message: You can select date and time you want to send the message at.

H - Preview: This will allow you to check the message before confirm the sending. In the preview window you can add one recipient number to send test message before sending the message to all recipients.

5. After you set your message click on “Send” button to start sending the message.

6. A live sending pop-up message will appear in which it will show you the total number of recipients that the message will be sent to, the number of rejected messages, and the number of excluded numbers.



7. After sending is complete, a summary message will appear with the final total number of sent message.



      • Excel plug-in is only available in English.
      • Excel plug-in supports Excel Version 2010, and 2013.
      • To be able to use the Excel Plug-in, you must have an active account on Unifonic platform; and valid balance to send text messages
      • All recipients cells should be filled, a warning will appear to fill the cells.
      • A warning message will appear if you tried to close the live sending message. Confirm deleting the window will stop the remaining messages that were not sent yet.
      • to send personalized messages make sure all your cells are filled; a warning message will appear to warn you if you want to fill the cells before confirm the sending.


Troubleshoot with Excel

In case that Excel has disabled the plugin and you couldn’t see Unifonic command icon, please follow the below steps:

      1. Open the excel file.
      2. Go to file and select options
      3. Click on “add-ins”.
      4. At the bottom you will find a selection named “Manage”, select option “Disabled Items” and then click “Go”.
      5. Choose Unifonic Excel Plugin and then click on “Enable”.
      6. Then again from the manage selection choose “COM Add-ins”.
      7. Select Unifonic Excel Plugin and then click OK.
      8. Wait few seconds and then Unifonic command icon will reappear.


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